Revitalizing the City: From Local Tradition to Global Engagement

Civilization, in the many ways we define it, is virtually unthinkable without cities.

Visions of Rome and Athens come to mind when we survey the cities of the past from the vistas of our own urban landscape.

In Europe, which has provided the world with the model modern city, the cities carry the distinct imprint of affluent commercial city-states of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

An imprint that has recaptured and invented a mythological Classical past.

Many world cities have also been swept by the fever of industrialization which has not only altered the landscape of the city, but also our view of the world.

Today we are witnessing a change in the cities as services replace manufacture and as profits from electronic banking exceed those of both production and traditional economic transactions.

Many world cities carry a colonial legacy, and not only struggle with eking a living and gaining a place under the sun, but also must contend with their own,imagined, or borrowed past.


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