Memorabilia : Archaeological Materiality and National Identity in Egypt

Among the great threats that face humanity today is the eruption of violent chauvinistic sentiments by political factions, religious sects, or so-called ethnic groups.

Although patriotic nationalism that once sparked many wars in Europe is politically distinct from current overzealous chauvinistic movements, both are linked with notions of group-identity.

It seems that the rise of Western-styled nationalism in the context of modern imperialism and industrialisation in the past has led to a rippling effect that has now reached all the corners of the globe and is refracting back causing unfathomable backlash (Pagden 1995).

Nationalism among colonials was a force of resistance, but with the recession of overt imperialism and the retreat of nationalism in the face of multinational corporations and global economics, chauvinistic separatist movements threaten the viability and political stability of many ex-colonial states (Prakash 1995).


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